Frequently asked Questions

What does raw mean?
Raw means we don’t cook / dehydrate our products above 42 degrees retaining the raw quality of all ingredients. If I was to dehydrate 1 tomato at 42 degrees Celsius and boil 1 tomato in a pot on the stove to 100 degrees. The seeds from the tomato that had been dehydrated at 42 degrees would sprout into a healthy tomato plant. The seeds from the boiled tomato would not sprout at all. Hence the “living food” terminology.

What does Conching mean?

Chocolate conching is the actual stiring, mixing and grinding of the chocolate. We conch our chocolate for 72 hours. This process improves the flavour and texture which is why our raw chocolate is so so smooth.

What is dehydration?

Dehydration means extracting the moisture and because we do this process at low temperatures we retain the rawness of our products giving you maximum nutrition.

Are your crackers and chocolate baked or heated?
Our products are heated very low and slow. What makes these products so unique is we dehydrate them in very low temperatures of 42 degrees celsius, to ensure that the raw integrity of the ingredients is maintained for optimal health. When you bite into one of Rawries crackers you are essentially eating raw carrot and an assortment of nutritious raw seeds.

What does “raw & activated” mean?
All our nuts and seeds are soaked overnight in filtered water to ‘activate’ the ingredients, breaking down the naturally-present enzyme inhibitors like phytic acid, making them easier to digest. We then slowly dehydrate our nuts and seeds at 42°C so they retain the raw quality of the ingredients to give you maximum nutrition.

Are your products wheat free?
Yes, we use ingredients that are certified wheat free in our crackers.

Are your products gluten free?
We are free of wheat gluten in our crackers.

Are your products Paleo-friendly?
Our crackers are paleo friendly containing majority seeds.
Are your products Keto friendly?
Our crackers are Keto friendly containing majority seeds.

What are Prebiotics?
Linseed is our great prebiotic. Prebiotics is food for our wonderful gut bacteria to feed upon. So every time you feed yourself with our bars or crackers you are also feeding your gut bacteria.

Do Rawries contain prebiotics?
Yes our savoury crackers do contain prebiotics. Why not read our blog "What is the difference between probiotics and probiotics?"

Do your products contain any refined sugars?
Our Savoury Crackers are free from refined sugars. Our chocolate range does use raw cane sugar. After trailing various alternative sweeteners the best pairing with our chocolate was raw cane sugar.

Are you Certified Organic?
We use all certified organic ingredients to manufacture our products.

Is your chocolate fair trade?
We only buy our Ecuadorian cacao mass from reputable suppliers that deal in fair trade. Fairtrade is about stable prices, decent working conditions and the empowerment of farmers and workers around the world.

What is the shelf-life of your products?
Our products have a shelf life of 9 months  

How do I store Rawries products?
Store our products below 21 degrees out of direct sunlight.  There is no need to refrigerate any of our sealed products unless you reside up in the tropics or down depending on which hemisphere you live. Once open please place your products in a sealed container in the fridge to keep it crisp.

Are your products nut-free?
Our savoury cracker and chocolate are made without nuts, however, we do handle nuts in our manufacturing facility.  If you have a nut allergy, please be aware that we cannot guarantee our product has not come into contact with trace amounts of tree nuts.  

Are your products Sesame free?

Warning! Our Tamari flavoured crackers do contain sesame oil and sesame seeds. If you have a sesame allergy, please be aware that we cannot guarantee our product has not come into contact with trace amounts of sesame.

Will there be some hard things in your bars?
We take all care in our manufacturing process but sometimes possibly shells find their way through our checking procedure. Due to working with such natural produce it is possible some pieces have made their way through.

Are Rawries Australian Made?
Yes! I'm proud to say Rawries chocolate and crackers are proudly manufactured in Australia by an Australian owned and operated company.

Is Rawries an Australian company?
Yes Rawries is proudly an Australian company.

Where to buy
You can buy Rawries from stores through out Australia. Store locator coming soon.
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If any questions have not been answered contact us – the easiest way is to shoot us an email at info@rawries.com