Why Eating More Beans is Best

Why Eating More Beans is Best by Rawries Wholefoods

There’s a funny old saying about beans, that many of you are probably aware of… “Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart… the more you eat…” (you know how it goes!)  There’s so much truth in this, though. Beans are not only good for your heart, they are also packed with protein and fibre. Have a read of our post on the importance of fibre here (LINK).

Beans truly have a bounty of healthful benefits for us all. They help to regulate blood sugar and lower unhealthy cholesterol levels. They are high in iron, a mineral that many people are deficient in, especially women and they also boast high levels of B vitamins, which are vital for overall health and wellbeing, stress support and immune function.

Preliminary research published in the International Journal of Cancer and The Journal of Cancer Research has shown they may even be a powerful nutritional in preventing certain cancers.

Beans are also incredibly versatile - making them an ideal addition to meals and snacks.  Their ability to change texture and accompany a wide range of different flavours definitely makes it easy to include this nutritious powerhouse into the family repertoire.

Dried vs. Canned Beans

Canned beans are incredibly convenient however, they can come with alarmingly high levels of sodium, which is definitely something to be aware of.  If you choose to go with canned beans, it’s advised to choose the reduced sodium varieties or the ones labelled “no salt added,”and it’s always advised to rinse canned beans in cold water in a colander before using - this will help to further reduce the sodium content.

Dried beans come without the convenience however they also come without the high sodium levels.  You will need to soak dried beans before use, so it’s important to factor this in when planning meals.  

Ways to Use Your Beans

Beans are exceptionally versatile and can be added to a wide range of dishes.  Easily added to soups to bulk them up and make them more filling. Blended beans have a deliciously creamy texture- ideal for stews, chilli and sauces.  Pureed beans also make tasty dips like hummus, which you can customise depending on your families tastes. Easily added to salads and enjoyed as a snack on their own.Try our Paprika Bean Dip for an easy high fiber alternative to dairy.

Get Creative with the Kids

Eating healthily and trying new tastes and textures can be challenging with children.  Encouraging them to enjoy beans from an early age can do wonders for their health, given the high protein, iron and fibre content. The versatility of beans lends themselves well to many dishes, that will be helpful in this regard.

You could make bean burritos or quesadillas with black beans and some raw cheese- allowing the kids to create their own.

Hummus is another nutritious, quick and simple way to get kids to enjoy beans- with a range of savoury crackers or vibrant, fresh veggie sticks for some engaging dipping fun!

Another popular way for children to enjoy beans is to cook until tender, then add them to a pan with garlic-infused olive oil and lightly fry until crisp. Season as desired - for a healthier snack alternative to crisps.

Beans are an absolute powerhouse of goodness for our bodies, so start getting more of them into your daily diet. You’ll feel fuller, happier and cleaner - both inside and out!




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