Why Drinking Enough Water is so Important for Health

Why Drinking Enough Water is so Important for Health by Rawries Wholefoods


According to research, between 50 - 65% of an average adult's body is composed of water - the precise percentage depending on age and a number of various factors. We're all aware of the importance of drinking water on a regular basis, but how much water do we really need to consume and what happens in the event that we aren’t adequately hydrated?


When it comes to optimal water intake, many factors come into play - including weight, age, sex, body composition, fitness level and level of activity. The Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate daily intake for men is roughly 13 cups (3 litres) and for women, about 9 cups (2.2 litres) of total beverages a day.


Muscle mass retains more water than fat, so daily water requirements may be higher than those of someone with a higher body fat percentage but the same total body weight. It’s also important to note that an average adult female's body composition will generally have a significantly higher fat percentage than that of a male's. A very active, athletic young woman will more than likely have a body fat percentage in the low-to-mid teens, somewhere between 12-14%, which would be considered relatively high for a male athlete.


For those who exercise on a regular basis, water needs will be much higher than those of a person who leads a more sedentary lifestyle. According to the rule of thumb used by fitness professionals, for every hour spent in the gym, a whole litre of additional water should be consumed in order to replenish the body’s supplies.


It also depends on the type of exercise and the intensity, however.  Practising yoga whilst being mildly dehydrated may lead to a slight drop in performance, perhaps practically unnoticeable. Running 5km while being mildly dehydrated however, significantly increases the risk of injury. Drinking plenty of water is absolutely necessary in order to lead a healthy lifestyle - for a number of reasons. Water is necessary for every chemical reaction and organ of the human body.


Benefits of Adequate Hydration:

  • Improved energy levels and cognitive function
  • Can reduce the intensity and duration of headaches
  • Promotes digestive health and relieves constipation
  • Can reduce the likelihood of developing kidney stones
  • Helps to maintain a healthy body weight through increasing satiety and increasing the metabolic rate.  This in turn helps to combat obesity, heart disease and promotes healthy hormone levels
  • Improved immune function


Are you drinking enough water? Often at the first signs of thirst, the body is already mildly dehydrated. If you’re unsure whether you’re drinking enough, it’s often helpful to fill a large measured bottle and drink from that slowly throughout the day. It’ll become a healthy habit before you know it!


By increasing your daily intake of fruits and vegetables (that are naturally high in water content) you will be adding to your daily water intake - with the added nutritional benefits.


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