The Power of Kale: 6 Reasons Why It's So Good For You

The Power of Kale: 6 Reasons Why It's So Good For You by Rawries Wholefoods

Kale is a leafy green that has received much attention in recent years, often touted as a "superfood" and a powerful source of nutrients that we’re all encouraged to regularly include in our diets by health experts and medical professionals alike.

Incredibly versatile, this nutritional powerhouse can be enjoyed in a number of ways - through being added to smoothies, raw dips, salads and even dehydrated to make delicious “kale crisps”.

What is it about kale that makes it so incredibly nutritious?

  1. It’s absolutely packed with iron, even more than beef. Iron is important because it allows optimal liver function, and it plays a key part in the creation of hemoglobin, which allows for the transportation of oxygen through the blood.

  1. Kale is amongst the leafy green vegetables known for their richness in fibre, which is invaluable to the digestive system. The fibre boosts gut health, colon function and allows the body to properly process and extract nutrients from food as it moves through the stomach and intestines.

  1. A single cup of kale contains more than 500% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin A! Not only does vitamin A play a crucial role in maintaining eye health and preserving vision, but it also helps the skin to stay clear and vibrant, and supports proper neurological function. Vitamin A also helps increase bone integrity and bolsters the immune system- a great way to protect against infection and illness.

  1. Kale also contains large amounts of vitamin K. Just a quarter of a cup of this leafy green contains more than the daily recommended intake for an average adult. Vitamin K is as important to bone health as is calcium. By keeping bones dense and strong, vitamin K makes fractures and conditions like osteoporosis less likely. The blood-clotting process also depends upon this important vitamin.

  1. Kale helps to manage and promote a healthy weight. Since leafy greens like kale are low in calories and contain no fat, they are the ideal nutritious way to fill up and acquire valuable nutrients. Kale's high fibre content means that it promotes feelings of fullness, making overeating and frequent snacking less likely.

  1. Valuable antioxidants can be found in kale. Antioxidants act to neutralise free radicals, dangerous molecules tied to many different kinds of disease (including cancer). Left unchecked, free radicals can cause extensive cellular damage. Kale in particular contains high levels of the antioxidants carotenoids and flavonoids.

Clearly, organic kale deserves its reputation as a "superfood." No matter who you are, you will almost certainly be healthier and happier if you consume more of this amazingly nutritious vegetable.

Looking for some Kale recipe inspirations?

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