The Benefits of Eating More Raw Food

The Benefits of Eating More Raw Food by Rawries Wholefoods

Around the world, raw food vegans have been touting the benefits of a diet rich in raw plant-based wholefoods for years, which is now, upon scientific research and evidence-based findings, gathering increased agreement, attention and awareness.

Most people know the word “raw” to mean uncooked, but with the raw food diet, foods aren’t necessarily only an uncooked assortment of fruits and vegetables. In essence, the raw food diet is the eating of foods that have either not been cooked or cooked at temperatures that do not exceed 42 Celsius or 107 Fahrenheit.

Following a predominantly raw food based plant diet has many health benefits.

Healthier - with an Increase in Enzyme nutrition.  

The reasoning behind this is the enzymes that are healthful for our bodies that occur naturally in the raw foods begin to degrade at higher temperatures. Whether raw is all you eat or you merely incorporate a hefty amount of raw foods into your diet, you are reaping the healthful benefits.  Cooking can reduce the vitamin and mineral content of vegetables, leaving them less nutritious than if they are enjoyed raw.

Raw Means a Decrease in Processed Foods.

The one thing that everyone can agree on is that processed foods are not good for us. They contain additives, preservatives, oils, excess sugars, and all sorts of other unnatural additions.  By reducing and removing these out of your diet, you are doing wonders for your health. Adding in more fresh plant-based food, especially leafy greens, fruits, nuts, grain and fermented foods is the best way to find optimal health as well as weight management.

An Improvement in the Body's Alkalinity.

One of the largest impacts of raw food is alkaline-forming benefits.  Most of the raw plant based food is alkaline forming and can drastically change your pH and counteract acid forming traditional western foods that are high in saturated fats, processed sugars and low in fibre.


You’re less likely to suffer from diseases

A study that supports this is The China Study. In a nutshell, the study conducted by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and his son Thomas M. Campbell, MD, spanned 20 years and showed the consequences of the foods we eat and drink. Higher mortality rates were linked to communities that ate more meat than those that ate a plant based diet. Plant based diets have emerged as the go-to for longer, healthier lives.

Stronger, Healthier Bones

For years, global medical communities questioned whether or not bone mass would suffer as a result of the raw food diet. However, thanks to the research team at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, it was discovered that for those that were on the raw food diet bone turnover was normal, vitamin D levels were higher than normal, weight was lighter and body fat was lower.

Healthier Planet

When you eat more local and fresh raw and plant-based food, you reduce you and your family’s carbon footprint substantially. Reducing pollution from livestock and associated industry, transportation and production.

Whilst many scientists and doctors are hesitant to stand behind one method of nutrition over another, they are all in agreement that including more plant based foods in the diet – eating more naturally, more fresh, and filling your plate with a rainbow of foods to an invaluable way of achieving and maintaining optimal health.

If you are looking to include more plant-based whole food nutrition, see some of our recipes for inspiration.


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