Top tips around how to buy high quality raw produce

Raw foods are more than merely a plate of peeled fruits and vegetables fresh-picked from the garden. They are also nuts and wholegrain seeds.

Perhaps you’ve done your research on what to eat for a raw food diet but you’re still unclear how to buy foods that are considered raw (aside from your fruits and vegetables in the produce aisle that is).

Follow these tips on how to buy raw produce, to help you find what you need:

1- Check the packaging
Raw nuts and seeds are actually alive, but when you find nuts and seeds in most stores, they are roasted, pasteurized or toasted. Many of them are salted too. To find those, you’ll need to read the label. It should say “100% Raw.” If you have any doubts, call the manufacturer.

2- Test out the bulk bins
With the demand for cleaner, healthier, organic choices, grocery stores are stepping up to provide better options to fulfil the needs of consumers. You’ll see a lot more raw nuts in the bulk bins as a result, however they aren’t always fresh. Take a test to make sure first as they can go stale or even rancid.

3 - Choose the right raw sweetener
Sometimes, sweeteners are needed for the raw items we prepare. You need a proper raw sweetener to replace refined sugar. Coconut and Raw, natural, organic honey is a fantastic natural sweetener. Others include Stevia, Yacon Syrup, Dates, Date Syrup, and Xylitol but remember to include all of these all in moderation. It's often best to opt for natural and nutritious sweetness using fruit.

4 - Buy seasonal organic produce as often as possible
Seasonal produce will not only generally cost less, it's also at the peak of it's freshness. Buying organic is a great choice because it is free from pesticides, heavy metals and other dangerous chemicals. It’s all natural without being genetically-modified.

If you are struggling to find organic produce remember it’s more beneficial to eat non organic plant based food than not at all.

You can also order your wholefoods online, though do so from a reputable source. Another option is your local farmer’s market. Shopping from your local growers helps put money back in your community with is another benefit.

The bottom line is that you should educate yourself on the foods you buy. Read the labels. Don’t be afraid to ask the manager at the market about the products there. Doing so will ensure you get the freshest and healthiest foods on your plate every time.

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