How Raw Food Can Aid Weight Loss

How Raw Food Can Aid Weight Loss by Rawries Wholefoods

Weight loss can be an ongoing challenge for so many people.  With many factors contributing, it can be a veritable and frustrating minefield for many of us to navigate and manage.

What we eat, as we all know, is a large contributor to losing, maintaining and gaining weight - and ultimately influences our overall health and wellbeing- both physically and emotionally.

As discussed in a previous article, there have been numerous science-based studies and overwhelming evidence that shifting to a plant-based wholegrain diet is an incredibly powerful, nutritious and reliable way to both manage weight and protect against diseases.

Wholegrain plant based foods are packed with high levels of nutrients and fibre per gram and are generally low in calories too (as well as being free from unhealthy fats, preservatives, artificial elements and other nasties), so they give our body exactly what it needs, in healthy quantities that are also bio available and easily absorbed by our bodies.

Many health and nutrition experts say it takes time for your body to adjust to a new way of eating- often resulting in “withdrawals” and feeling generally uncomfortable for the first few days. As with everything, it takes time to see and feel results, depending on expectations, so it’s important to be patient and to persevere.

And you know what you’re not going to crave? Junk! Sit tight though - this will pass.

Eating raw is a way of life and it’s important to view it as a lifestyle change and long-term nutritional approach (rather than a quick fix diet) in order to reap the true sustained benefits.

Here are some top tips for making an easier transition and enjoying the improved health and weight loss benefits.

  1. Out of sight, out of mind

Remove processed, sugar-laden (“junk food”) from your home- after all, it’s this food that you have the most control and influence over. Always have a healthy snack before going shopping, to help resist any urges to indulge or purchase groceries based on hunger or cravings.

  1. Pack your own lunch

Packing your own lunch will help you avoid temptations when at work.  Take along some healthy snacks, to stave off the elevensies or to munch on at 3pm, instead of that mid-afternoon muffin from the cafe downstairs! Having lunch with you will mean you won’t feel tempted by the favourite sandwich or burger bar on the corner, too.

  1. Smaller portions that are high in fibre

Fibre-filled foods will keep you feeling fuller and more satisfied for longer. Plate up appropriate portions and you’ll soon train your body to eat the right amount of food. You may start to serve your meals on a smaller plate, as this will appear and “seem” more substantial in relation to the size of the plate.

  1. Snack on raw foods

If you’re truly hungry, you will eat that apple or carrot. Don’t cave in to temptations. You’ll feel better after eating something wholesome.  Nuts and seeds are a convenient and delicious snack on the go- packed with fibre, healthy fats and flavour.

  1. Drink your water

Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger - and when you are having a busy day, it can be hard to remember to take those sips of water.  Some find that setting an alarm on their phone, to remind them every hour or half hour to take a few sips can be helpful. Another option is to fill a 500ml bottle with water and keep this with you, so that you can keep an eye on your intake.  Generally aiming for around 1.5 - 2l of water a day is considered ideal- although in warmer weather and with exercise this can increase. It can take your body a while to adapt to an increased water intake.

  1. Avoid after-dinner snacking

Even when you’re eating good raw foods, you’ll find that your digestion and sleep will be improved if you eat earlier in the evening and resist late night snacking. You’ll wake up feeling lighter and more refreshed. Tiredness and exhaustion can cause sugar cravings, so this is an important consideration.

  1. Forgive yourself

Nobody’s perfect. When we slip up and make a poor food choice, we often beat ourselves up and feel guilty- leading to further bingeing and guilt.  Be gentle with yourself and congratulate and celebrate your achievements with non-food based rewards, like a new pair of jeans or a trip somewhere special.

  1. See it and be it

One of the best ways to be successful as you make the switch to good raw foods and get your health and weight in check is to visualize your success. Think of how great you’ll feel to be able to fit into your old favourite pair of jeans.  See yourself as fit and healthy, able to keep up with work, kids, friends and all the things you want to do. That should really help motivate you!

  1. Don’t cave into the whining around the family dinner table

Your family might not be thrilled when you purge your home of junk, but they will get used to wholefoods. Don’t let their cries for junk food cause you to bring it back into the home. Instead, look for new and healthy ways to create snacks and treats and create raw food dishes that the family will love.

Raw granola bars, fresh fruit shakes, chia seed pudding and raw cashew dips are just a few suggestions. As you delve into raw foods, you’ll find so many more inspirations and delicious new ways of enjoying healthy foods.

  1. Go step by step

When you’re making the change to a raw food lifestyle, take it slow. No one says you need to suddenly stop eating everything you’ve ever known and go raw immediately. You’ll be much more successful if you make a gradual plan. With a few simple changes each week, you’ll be amazed at the progress in a month’s time!


Rawries is passionately committed to making raw wholegrain plant-based food convenient, achievable and absolutely delicious... for everyone!  Visit our blog for articles and evidence based research discussions around the healthful benefits of incorporating "more raw" into your diet, as well as tips on how to boost your nutrition and overall wellbeing.  For raw vegan inspirations, head to our vibrant recipe selection of breakfastsmainssalads and soups, sauces and dipsdesserts and fresh juices and smoothies.  We can't wait to hear what you think of them!

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